E-COM has launched for X-ray & Ultrasound hybrid software solution

       An increasing number of exams are performed using X-ray and Ultrasound system. Based on new DIOS platform, E-COM has launched the acquisition software which supports both DR and Ultrasound in single application. By creating this hybrid imaging system, E-COM combined the Ultrasound’s ability to visualize software tissue with a DR systems anatomical image of tissues and organs. In doing so,the combination system gives an accurate diagnosis for patient.The hybrid systems combine multiple technologies to provide a better image of the body, enabling for better diagnoses, research and better patient experience.
       The software provides a single user interface for both Ultrasound and DR application,integrating patient-specific imaging data into clinical workflows.The seamless integration with hospital IT system make the deployment easier.Other advancetages can also been taken from DIOS platform, including application lifecycle managment,APPs based remote service,Plug & Play connectivity,real-time cyber security monitoring and assurance.