Universal Mechanical Controller (UMC)

The UMC software is a Windows based touch screen application to control the Overhead Tube Crane (OTC) system. It can not only controls the movement of positioning devices, but also directly interacts with X-ray generator. Also, it could highly improve workflow throughput by integrating with DROC.


Intuitive User Interface and Workflow  

·    Fully customization capability 

·    Easily localization to ANY language

·    Optimized touch screen operations

·    Auto fit any display resolution

·    Interacting with DROC

Wide Ranged Hardware Compatibility  

·    Fully integrated with many Overhead Tube Crane hardware components on the market.

·    Open software infrastructure for fast integration of new components

·    Support multiple type of hardware communication interfaces, including RS-232/RS-485 serial ports, CAN bus ports, Ethernet ports, and analogy signals etc. 

·    Support to communicate and control an X-ray generator integrated with E-COM platform


·    Control the movement of the positioning device and display related information, such as Source to Image Distance (SID), the tube rotation angle, etc.

·    Display and adjust exposure APRs and can communicate with X-ray generator

·    Optional exam workflow management

·    Optional image preview and basic QA

·    Optional exam protocol selection and positioning guides

·    Service interfaces for OTC positioning device and X-ray generator, such as calibration and configuration