Cloud PACS

E-COM Cloud PACS provides an unified platform & single imaging repository based on Cloud technology with global deployment & image access. It is integrated with acquisitioning consoles as DROC by one-click-sharing. For real-time diagnosis and treatment recommendations for patients across multiple organizations and geographic areas, fast, efficient medical image exchange is not just nice-to-have, it's a need-to-have. It is a cost efficient and safe cloud solution for telemedicine and archiving.




·    Provides fast, flexible, multiple accesses to incoming exams to make the most out of remote consults and ensure close collaboration

·    DICOM 3.0 conformance and more than just DICOM archive

·    Cloud technology. No migration no update for IT admin

·    Vendor neutral archive. Ability to utilize many brands and types of storage systems

Cloud PACS Benefits 

·    Save time. Expedite patient care by eliminating time wasted waiting to upload CDs

·    Save patient. Avoid unnecessary transfers and make diagnostic decisions sooner

·    Save money. Avoid unnecessary and often unreimbursed repeat exams

·    Increase patient satisfaction

·    Reduce cost. Storage as a service, hardware and software savings, lower labor & IT support cost, and predictable operating cost, etc.

Flexible Image Access

·    Image could be shared in the format of JPEG and DICOM

·    Image could be shared via short message, 2D barcode, E-mail, and web link

·    Viewing images in any web browser of operating systems as Windows, iOS, and Android

·    Viewing images on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops

Historical Exam Applications

·    With cloud PACS, historical exams could be easily accessed for more accurate and more efficient diagnosis.

·    Increase satisfaction. It can give patients and their families fast and easy access to their medical images, and thus boosting satisfaction.

·    Save money. Avoid unnecessary scans especially when CDs are lost or unreadable.

Beneficiaries of Cloud PACS

·    Tele-radiology: seamless remote reading, diagnostics, and reporting

·    Telemedicine: collaborations from either local specialists or remote experts

·    Tele-archive as an IT service, almost no extra workload for hospital IT admins

Security and Confidentiality

·    HIPPA compliance, auditing and monitoring

·    Multiple security layers protections   

·    Physical level security, data availability and integrity are provided by 3rd-party data centers

·    Application level security. Access control ,registration, and authorization mechanism

·    Transmission level security and data confidentiality. 256-bit AES payload encryption for transmission; temporal SSL connections that leverage dynamic keys

Integrated with Acquisition Workstations and Easy to Share

·    With E-COM image acquisition workstations, images could be shared via Cloud PACS conveniently.

·    Scalable design and easy deployment. Separated cloud share service is easy to be plugged in an image acquisition workstation.

·    2-Dimensional barcode application. An image download link could be shared via a 2D barcode. Print 2D barcodes and give it to patients who could access images after scanning this received 2D barcode.