RDWe e-PACS 2000 Mammography Viewing Workstation

RDWe e-PACS 2000 Mammography Viewing Workstation is a software application used for viewing and manipulating medical mammography images. Digital mammo images and data from various modality sources including CT, MR, CR, DR, US, and MG, etc. can be displayed, analyzed, processed, stored, and sent across computer networks by using this software. 



 Optimized Workflow for Mammography Application

·   Multi-modality image viewing

·   Dedicated designed workflow keyboard

·   Pre-defined hanging protocol 

·   Rule based auto prefetching

·   The preload mechanism reduces loading time

·   Smart navigation tool


·   OEM and ODM ready to reduce your time to market with lower cost

·   Wide ranged compatibility with 3rd-party mammography images

·   Dedicated joy pad designed for mammography makes diagnostic operations more efficient

·   One viewing and diagnostic workstation for multi-modality mammo images

·   Powerful & flexible system configurations fit to diversified market segments

·   Support different language localization

·   Advanced film composer and report module 

·   Unique customizable products enhance your competence

·   Excellent image quality and powerful integrated tools help you earn larger market

·   IHE compliant and DICOM 3.0 compliant to seamlessly connect to hospital network

·   Worldwide installations with reliability & maintainability

Wide Ranged Compatibility

·   Compatible with 3rd-party digital mammography systems from different venders.

·   Support multi-modality images

·   Support 3D images, including Tomosynthesis, CT, MRI

·   CAD interface ready for iCAD, R2, Fuji-CAD ...  

·   Support conventional CR images


Flexible Synchronizing Operations

·   Synchronized Magnifying glasses for comparison

·   Synchronized zoom and pan operations

·   Synchronized window level

Intelligent Roaming (IR)

·   Mammography images are too large to be fully displayed in full resolution on a 5 megapixel monitor. 

·   Our Intelligent Roaming (IR) helps you to view an image with its original resolution easily

·   View images with actual pixels in a easier way

·   An image is being roamed in the valid breast region automatically

3D Tomosynthesis Reconstruction

·   Support 3D Tomosynthesis

·   Support other 3D images from CT, MRI

CAD Interfaces

·   CAD results identify masses, calcification clusters, and individual calcifications

·   Store and display digital mammography CAD results

·   Digital mammography CAD results are received and stored as DICOM mammography CAD Structured Reports (SR)

·   The displayed CAD results are depending upon what is reported by its CAD system

Seamless Connectivity

DICOM Worklist Option

·   Modality worklist SCU

·   RIS code mapping between SPS and PPS

·   DICOM MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) SCU

DICOM Storage Option

·   Verification SCU and SCP

·   Storage SCU and SCP

·   Storage commitment SCU and SCP

·   Auto transfer to multiple DICOM nodes and transfer status indication

DICOM Print Option

·   Print Management SCU

·   Multiple printer configuration with print status indication