RDWe e-PACS 2000 Orthopedic Workstation

Rational orthopedic preoperative plan is often performed with ruler and bow compass to measure on the X-ray films, pen and paper to calculate the measurements, and then estimate the proper size of implant suitable for patients. Those complex and time-consuming procedures make orthopedists less productive and error prone. E-COM RDWe e-PACS 2000 Orthopedic Workstation is a orthopedic image software application used for viewing, manipulating, measuring, and analyzing medical images. It provides easy-to-use solutions for various orthopedic subspecialties as hip, knee, spine, foot, ankle, upper limb, pediatric, and trauma, etc. It enables surgeons to plan on screen, execute complex measurements on a click, and facilitate the filmless orthopedic practice. Thus it brings orthopedists more accurate and easier preoperative plan.



·    Fully customization capability and care for OEM specific requests

·    Easily localization to ANY language

·    Auto fit any display resolution and support dual or multiple monitors

·    Image analysis and report for orthopedic practices

·    Powerful functionalities for image viewing and printing

·    Image-guided dedicated measurement tool set for orthopedics

·    Workflow driven design for efficiency operations

·    Support special 2D, 3D features for orthopedic applications

·    Wide ranged compatibility with images from different venders

·    Image stitching for full body, full spine, and log legs

·    Advanced film composer and pre-operative planning report module 

·    Unique customizable products enhance your competence

·    IHE compliant and DICOM 3.0 compliant

Reposition for Pre-Operative Planning

·    Often used for trauma

·    Draw a polygon along the fracture with mouse

·    Tool Center Line Finder result can be used as a reference

·    Many templates are available

Abundant Tools for Annotations and Measurements

·    Free text annotations

·    Support many universal measurement tools for distances, angles, baseline ...

·    Hip deformity analysis

·    Intuitive wizard for complex measuring

·    Center of rotation

·    Limb alignment analysis

·    Full professional orthopedic measuring tool 

·    Many professional tools for pediatric orthopedic procedures

·    Many tools for trauma, for example, diaphyseal fracture angulation, metaphyseal fracture angulation, etc.

·    Many tools for spine, foot, ankle ...

·    Auto calibration with external mark

Image Stitching

·    Whole body X-ray imaging, long leg, and long spine images for ortho applications

·    The panoramic image with unified contrast

·    Support auto & manual stitching

·    A plug-in option

Professional Report Workstation

·    Text templates

·    Pre-Operative planning report

·    Post-Operative evaluation report

·    Professional orthopedic measuring report 

·    Support adding image with measurements and annotations to a report

·    You can inert predefined texts into a report before its editing

·    Support converting a report into a DICOM image and save it to local database, then manipulate it as a normal DICOM image, such as query, archive, print, etc.

·    Customizable report templates

·    Support print report

·    Support approve process


Image Management with Seamless Connectivity

·    Query local and remote DICOM nodes

·    DICOM Query & Retrieve

·    DICOM storage SCU/SCP and storage commitment SCU/SCP

·    DICOM print and DICOM verification

·    Load DICOM files from local or remote DICOM nodes

·    Send local images to remote DICOM nodes

·    Customizable displaying fields of the queried results

·    Support previewing

·    Support DICOM DIR

·    Export DICOM files with format of DICOM, JEPG, BMP, and TIFF

·    Support burning images into CD/DVD discs

·    Save selected images to local database