Mini PACS Solution

E-COM mini-PACS product is a cost-saving small business oriented instant image viewing solution working with E-COM image acquisition workstations as DROC, DRFOC, DMOC, DFOC, etc. It reuses the acquisition workstation image storage and provides two extra functions for instant image viewing and basic diagnosis in wireless or wired local networks by Fly Viewer, and in any web browser by Web PACS.  Fly Viewer is not only a cost-saving alternative to professional diagnostic workstations, but also optimized for wireless touch screen operations, while Web PACS provides an extra cost-saving solution for image viewing in Internet and Intranet web browsers. It can be upgraded to enterprise PACS solutions easily.



All-in-One Solution: Acquisition, Storage, and Viewing

Fly Viewer for viewing images in local networks 

·    Fly Viewer is a Windows based application

·    Fly Viewer and Fly Server must be existing in the same local sub-network

·    Instant image access in both wireless or wired Ethernet

·    Multiple image viewing and measurement tools

·    Auto fit any resolution monitors and tablets

Web PACS for viewing images in world wide web  

·    Support any Internet web browser in any operating systems

·    Windows IIS Web Server feature has to be enabled by Web PACS    

·    Cost-saving , easy deployment and maintenance

Viewing Images with Web Browser

·    Web PACS provides a service for instant image viewing in the web environment

·    No additional viewer is required. Any popular web browser in any operating system as Windows, Android, and iOS.

·    An access code is required for security considerations

·    A public IP address is required for access from Internet by Web PACS

·    JPEG format images

·    Extra cost saving web solution

Viewing Images with Fly Viewer

·    Windows based application optimized for tablet touch screen operations

·    Fly Viewer can download DICOM images to local cache for local manipulations

·    Multiple viewing image tool as windowing, zoom, invert, ROI, layout, 1:1 display, etc.

·    Multiple measurement tools as distance, angle, etc.

·    Fly Viewer could be used to viewing multi-modality images including sequence images

·    DICOM format images

Auto Connection with Zero Config in LAN

·    Each Fly Viewer client could automatically find and list all Fly Server nodes in the same wireless or wired LAN

·    To connect a Fly Server node, an access code is required for the security requirement

·    The status, connected or disconnected, is indicated in the node list

·    All Fly Viewer clients connected to one Fly Server could be managed by this Fly Server