RDWe e-PACS 2000 Universal Diagnostic Workstation

RDWe e-PACS 2000 Universal Diagnostic Workstation is a software application used for viewing and manipulating medical images. Digital images and data from various modality sources including CT, MR, CR, DR, US, and MG, etc. can be displayed, analyzed, processed, stored, and sent across computer networks by using this software. This workstation support one or multiple monitors. It can be integrated with HIS/RIS systems and provides seamless access to reports for fully-integrated electronic patient records. Professional viewing and measurement tools can increase diagnosis accuracy and efficiency largely. 



Intuitive Workflow for Image Diagnosis from Multi-Modality

·    Fully customization capability and care for OEM specific requests

·    Easily localization to ANY language

·    Auto fit any display resolution and support dual monitors

·    Multi-modality viewer

·    Powerful functionalities for image viewing, reviewing, and print

·    Support 3D image reconstruction

·    The preload mechanism reduces time to read the study, increase patient throughput

·    Smart navigation tool

·    Ability to communicate with hospital DICOM network for HIS/RIS, PACS, and print

Wide Ranged Compatibility

·   Compatible with 3rd-party digital image acquisition systems from different venders.

·   Support multi-modality images

·   Support 3D images, including Tomosynthesis, CT, MRI

·   Support conventional CR images

Easy-to-Use Image Viewing Tools

·    Viewing series images

·    Support thumbnails

·    Support scrolling with mouse wheel and keyboard

·    Cine play, loop, and interactive with mouse

·    Auto paging

·    Reference lines

·    Multiple image layouts and view layouts for selection

·    Hide or show DICOM tags, overlays, scale bar

·    Support image compare

·    Cine loop compare

Plentiful Tools for Image Manipulations

·    Plenty of tools help you earn larger market

·    Window width/level

·    Rotating and flipping images

·    Magnifying glass

·    Image inverting

·    Rotating and flipping images

·    Mask, shutter, and cropping

·    Region window level

·    Calibrate pixel spacing

·    Fit-in-window and pixel-by-pixel

·    Zooming in/out and panning


Abundant Tools for Annotations and Measurements

·    Free text annotations

·    Predefined and customizable often used marks and annotations

·    Resize , move, and delete annotations

·    Support probes and grid

·    Support many measurement tools for distances, angles, height distances, cobb angles, polygon, freehand ROIs ...

Image Stitching

·    Whole body X-ray imaging, long leg, and long spine images for ortho applications

·    The panoramic image with unified contrast

·    Support auto & manual stitching

·    A plug-in option


·    Support Multi-Planar Reconstruction (MPR).  Ability to reconstruct coronal or sagittal images from axial data. Users can view a volume image data from different viewpoints without having to rescan the patient.

·    Support MIP: Maximum Intensity Projection 

·    Support MinIP: Minimum Intensity Projection 

·    A pluggable option

Seamless Connectivity

DICOM Worklist Option

·    Modality worklist SCU

·    RIS code mapping between SPS and PPS

·    DICOM MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) SCU

DICOM Storage Option

·    Verification SCU and SCP

·    Storage SCU and SCP

·    Storage commitment SCU and SCP

·    Auto transfer to multiple DICOM nodes and transfer status indication

DICOM Print Option

·    Print Management SCU

·    Multiple printer configuration with print status indication