Non-Destructive Testing Operating Console (NDTOC)

NDTOC is a Windows based x-ray image acquisition and analysis software designed for non-destructive testing applications. The software offers flexible workflow configuration, modular filter library, adaptive application oriented image acqusition. It supports both high resolution DR image acquisition and up to 30 fps fluoroscopy application. 


·    Common platform of digital X-ray imaging for different NDT applications

·    Support both static and dynamic imaging

·    Compatible with most of popular FPDs, II/CCD, and x-ray generators

·    Interfaces available for different mechanical subsystems, such as crawl device etc.

·    Customizable user interface and workflow available

·    Powerful image processing and measurement tools

Individually Tailored, Perfectly Adapted

·    We are happy to tailor an individual solution for your needs

·    Customizable workflow to represent your specific NDT application perfectly

·    The customized software will then perfectly meet your requirements and your established processes can be retained


·    One platform for all application and reduce time to market 

·    Wide ranged hardware compatibility with 3rd-party imaging components

·    Powerful & flexible system configurations fit to diversified market segments

·    Support different language localization

·    Unique customizable products enhance your competence

·    Friendly calibration wizard for any flat panel detector to save your service time

·    Excellent image quality and powerful integrated tools help you earn larger market

·    DICONDE compliant

State-of-Art Image Processing Engine

·    Artificial Intelligence (AI) embedded image processing technology

·    Intelligent image processing engine delivers outstanding live image quality automatically

·    Image processing chain technology "Symphony" achieves excellent static images easily

·    Adaptive image acquisition, real time processing and display

·    Multiple frequency processing

·    Contrast equalization helps to display the image with complex structure nicely

·    Real time edge detection for live images

·    Auto motion detection and intelligent noise depression, noises and details balance

·    Speedy calculating and optimized for Intel multi-core CPU

·    Image content based ABS control

Plenty of NDT Applications in Different Fields

·    Universal X-ray inspection systems
·    Dedicated systems for pipeline inspection
·    Dedicated systems for storage tank inspection
·    Dedicated systems for production line inspection
·    Dedicated systems for bridge inspection

·    Dedicated systems for rope inspection 
·    Portable NDT systems


Seamless Connectivity with DICONDE Compliant

·    Support Digital Imaging and Communications in Non-Destructive Evaluation (DIONDE) standard

·    DIONDE is based on DICOM and have the same file format of DCM 

·    Images can be transferred or exported to DICONDE compliant systems

·    Images can be archived and then viewed on any 3rd-party DICONDE compliant system

DICONDE Study Hierarchy Example