Non-Destructive Testing Viewing Workstation 

NDT Viewing Workstation is a Windows based NDT image viewing workstion software. The application provides viewing and reporting tool delivering technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification to the highly resourceful, energy consuming, utility and infrastructure industries. The application can recevie the DICONDE images from acquisition workstation, it supports both X-ray and Ultrasound images.   





·    DICONDE compliant 

·     Multi-modality viewer including Ultrasound and X-ray

·    Fully customization capability 

·    Powerful functionalities for image viewing, reporting, and print

·    Pre-defined templates for reporting needed

·    Save templates to reuse whenever needed 

·    Meets QA requirements for welding and documentation standards

·    Easily localization to ANY language


·    OEM and ODM ready to reduce your time to market with lower cost

·    Wide ranged compatibility with images from different venders

·    One viewing and diagnostic workstation for multi-modality images

·    Support different language localization

·    Advanced film composer and report module 

·    Unique customizable products enhance your competence

·    Worldwide installations with reliability & maintainability

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