Digital Radiography Operating Console (DROC)

DROC is a DR image acquisition workstation based on Windows. It provides complete control of all image capture functions for DR application. It delivers the better image quality with lower dose. DROC also has fully integrated with most of imaging components as X-ray generators, flat panel detectors (FPD), collimators, DAPs, and mechanical positioning systems.


Intuitive User Interface and Workflow  

· Fully customization capability 

· Easily localization to ANY language

· Optimized touch screen operations

· Auto fit any display resolution

· Dedicated exam protocols and positioning guides

· Powerful functionalities for image processing, view, review, and print

Wide Ranged Hardware Compatibility  

· Fully integration with most components including X-ray generators, FPDs, mechanical etc.

· Support different flat panel detectors in one system

· Open software infrastructure for fast integration of new components

· Powerful and flexible system configuration tool

Advanced Clinical Applications

· Auto-Image Stitching

· Dual-Energy Imaging

· Digital Tomography Imaging 

Adapt to Different Application Scenario 

· Retrofit DR Application 

· Portable DR Application

· Mobile DR Application

· Fixed X-ray DR Application

· Detector Sharing DR Application

State-of-Art Image Post-Processing

· Intelligent image processing engine delivers outstanding image quality automatically

· Image post-processing technology "Symphony" integrates a serial of algorithms

· Intelligent edge detection

· Contrast equalization helps display the image with complex structure nicely

· Multiple predefined viewing impressions for each view to meet different preferences


Image Stitching Makes More Valuable

· Whole body X-ray imaging, long leg, and long spine images for ortho applications

· The panoramic image with unified contrast

· Support auto & manual stitching

· Integrated a lot of intelligent mechanical positioning devices


Dual Energy (DE) Makes More Exclusive

· Automatically produce one bone image and one soft tissue image

· Needs two rapid successive exposures, a low kVp exposure and a high kVp exposure with the help of AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)

· Make diagnostic more accurate


Intelligent Grid Artifacts Suppression

· Automatic gridline detection and suppression

· Cost-saving with low-density grids for new and retrofit systems

· Uniformed background images


Seamless Connectivity

DICOM Worklist Option

· Modality worklist SCU

· RIS code mapping between SPS and PPS

· DICOM MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) SCU

DICOM Storage Option

· Verification SCU and SCP

· Storage SCU and SCP

· Storage commitment SCU and SCP

· Radiation Dose Structured Report (RDSR)

· Auto transfer to multiple DICOM nodes and transfer status indication

DICOM Print Option

· Print Management SCU

· Multiple printer configuration with print status indication

Built-in Mini-PACS Solution

· Acquisition, storage, and viewing operations are all-in-one with mini-PACS server with full cloud archiving and sharing capabilities

· Mini-PAVS solution can be upgraded to enterprise PACS solutions easily

· Extra cost-saving hospital IT solution with easy deployment and maintenance