Digital Mammography Operating Console (DMOC)

DMOC is a Windows-based digital mammography acquisition software workstation, which delivers the good image quality with lower dose. It is fully integrated with most of imaging components such as X-ray generators, flat panel detectors (FPD),collimators, X-ray gantry etc.


·    Customization care for OEM specific requests designed for mammography

·    Full Field Digital Mammography (FFDM) image acquisition workstation

·    Dedicated exam protocols and positioning guides

·    DICOM 3.0 compatibility for HIS/RIS, PACS, and printers

·    Dose management with X-ray book function, and statistic information can be printed

·    Powerful functionalities for image processing, view, review, and print

·    Support different resolutions of monitor with true color

·    Support both 2D and 3D image acquisition


·    Intelligent image processing engine delivers outstanding image quality

·    Wide ranged hardware compatibility with 3rd-party imaging components

·    Powerful & flexible system configuration tools

·    Customizable GUI, features, and workflow to keep your unique style

·    Dose reduction, statistics, and management

·    Friendly calibration wizard for any flat panel detector

·    Worldwide installations with reliability & maintainability

State-of-Art Image Post-Processing

                          Air Detection

·    Excellent image quality and powerful integrated tools

·    Image post-processing technology "Symphony" 

·    Image segmentation for Mammography (background identification)

·    Image hanging protocol for Mammography

·    Show all of the delicate breast tissue structures with optimal contrast

·    Air detection and suppression for windowing & inversion.

·    Searchlight. It enhances the local contrast to provide better visualization of lesions

·    Speedy calculating and optimized for Intel multi-core CPU

Wide Ranged Hardware Compatibility

·    Full X-ray imaging chain ability from X-ray generator control to image acquisition

·    Easy to integrate with any mechanical system

·    Simple intelligible hardware status indication

·    Support Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

·    Integrated and integrating most detectors commercial available on market

·    Powerful and flexible system configuration tool

Full Digital Imaging Solution for Mammography

·    Tablet console is an optional companion of DMOC

·    DMOC archives images to dedicated PACS server

·    Support 3rd-party CAD servers

·    Mammo viewing workstation query and restive images from PACS server or 3rd-party CAD server