Veterinary Digital Radiography Operating Console (VET-DROC)

VET-DROC is a Windows based DR image acquisition and diagnostic software platform for small animals leading in the X-ray imaging industry. It not only provides complete control of all image capture functions in the X-ray examination room, but also provides rich of measurement tools for diagnostic purposes, and thus is very helpful especially when the resources are very limited. Intuitive and easy-to-use workflow can deliver digital diagnostic images instantly and send images to remote DICOM PACS workstations and printers. It has very good performance on image quality with lower dose. DROC also has fully integrated with most of commercial available imaging components as X-ray generators and flat panel detectors (FPD).


Intuitive Workflow Optimized for Small Animals

·    Fully customization capability and care for OEM specific requests

·    Easily localization to ANY language

·    Designed for small animals with veterinary DICOM

·    Tablet based console companion provides more efficient workflow 

·    Optimized touch screen operations and wireless environment

·    Auto fit any display resolution monitors with true color

·    Dedicated exam protocols and positioning guides

·    Powerful functionalities for image processing, view, review, and print

·    Ability to communicate with hospital DICOM network for HIS/RIS, PACS, and print

Wide Ranged Hardware Compatibility  

·    Fully integration with most components including X-ray generators, FPDs, mechanical etc.

·    Support different flat panel detectors in one system

·    Open software infrastructure for fast integration of new components

·    Powerful and flexible system configurations for fixed, portable, or retrofit systems

·    High efficient workflow and real-time hardware communication make patient more comfortable


·    One platform for all application and reduce time to market 

·    Wide ranged hardware compatibility with 3rd-party imaging components

·    Powerful & flexible system configurations fit to diversified market segments

·    Unique customizable products enhance your competence

·    Dose reduction, statistics, and management for more patient care

·    Friendly calibration wizard for any flat panel detector to save your service time

·    Excellent image quality and powerful integrated tools help you earn larger market

·    Worldwide installations with reliability & maintainability

·    Self-learning and predictive service

State-of-Art Image Post-Processing

·    Intelligent image processing engine delivers outstanding image quality automatically
·    Image post-processing technology "Symphony" integrates a serial of algorithms

·    Multiple frequency processing

·    Contrast equalization helps to display the image with complex structure nicely

·    Intelligent edge detection and enhancement

·    Intelligent noise depression, noises and details balance

·    Speedy calculating and optimized for Intel multi-core CPU

·    Multiple predefined viewing impressions for each view to meet different preferences

·    Imaging post-processing APRs can be customized for personal preference easily



Seamless Connectivity

DICOM Worklist Option

·    Modality worklist SCU

·    RIS code mapping between SPS and PPS

·    DICOM MPPS (Modality Performed Procedure Step) SCU

DICOM Storage Option

·    Verification SCU and SCP

·    Storage SCU and SCP

·    Storage commitment SCU and SCP

·    Auto transfer to multiple DICOM nodes and transfer status indication

DICOM Print Option

·    Print Management SCU

·    Multiple printer configuration with print status indication