Enterprise PACS

E-COM e-PACS 2000 Enterprise PACS is a Windows based scalable healthcare image archiving and management software for all modalities as CT, MR, XA, DR, CR, RF, NM, DM, US, and histology etc. from different vendors. It can be concurrently accessed by multiple professional diagnostic and report workstations at the same time. Its scalability design can be easily tailored for different purposes. It can be used to manage one modality images for a department, and also can be used to manage all modality image in one hospital or enterprise.



Centralized Healthcare Image Center for All Modalities

·    Ability to centrally archive images with a single server for different modalities

·    Support communicating with multiple DICOM nodes of image acquisition workstations

·    Support to re-transfer images between multiple PACS nodes

·    Support both implicit and explicit DICOM transfer syntaxes 

·    Optional functions MPR and MIP are available

·    DICOM 3.0 conformance

·    Provide 2 basic viewing tools, Fly Viewer and Web PACS for viewing images in any web browser

Fly Viewer for viewing images in local networks 

·    Fly Viewer is a Windows based application

·    Fly Viewer and Fly Server must be existing in the same local sub-network

·    Instant image access in both wireless or wired Ethernet

·    Multiple image viewing and measurement tools

·    Auto fit any resolution monitors and tablets

Web PACS for viewing images in world wide web  

·    Support any Internet web browser in any operating systems

·    Windows IIS Web Server feature has to be enabled by Web PACS    

·    Cost-saving , easy deployment and maintenance

Performance Tuning for Multi-Modality Large-Scale Image Data

·    Tuning for massive image files with big different file size from different modalities

·    Optimize disk management according to image data characters of different modalities

·    Support multiple database sources

·    Support multiple disks with different management strategies for different disk performance 

·    Intelligent transfer syntaxes no matter as a receiver node or as a sender node 

·    To archive large-scale image data, different disk array technology can be used

·    Support 3rd-party database management systems as Microsoft SQL-Server

Wide Ranged Compatibility

·   Compatible with 3rd-party digital mammography systems from different venders.

·   Support multi-modality images

·   Support 3D images, including Tomosynthesis, CT, MRI

·   3rd-party CAD interface ready for iCAD, R2, Fuji-CAD ...  

Viewing Images with Web Browser

·    Web PACS provides a service for instant image viewing in the web environment

·    No additional viewer is required. Any popular web browser in any operating system as Windows, Android, and iOS.

·    An access code is required for security considerations

·    A public IP address is required for access from Internet by Web PACS

·    Extra cost saving web solution

Viewing Images with Fly Viewer

·    Windows based application available for both desktops, laptops, and tablets

·    Fly Viewer can download DICOM images to local cache for local manipulations

·    Multiple viewing image tool as windowing, zoom, invert, ROI, layout, 1:1 display, etc.

·    Multiple measurement tools as distance, angle, etc.

·    Support viewing multi-modality DICOM format images